“The #1 Racin’ Tribute Show in America!”, Eddy McGee, Director,

Stokes County Arts Council

“Tuneful Heaven is a place you’ll want to be…it’s about the spirit that made our nation great…”

***1/2 stars the Charlotte Observer

“Written and Performed by people who truly love & respect the history of NASCAR…”

“Heaven On Wheels is just fabulous. It’s so real, accurate, down-to-earth and funny. It’s a night to remember. Anybody who enjoys great stories, racing and wonderful music should not miss this show. I’ll be back to see it again and again.”

 – Francis Flock, widow of NASCAR champion and legend Tim Flock

“Heaven On Wheels captures racing and its roots in a way that is endlessly entertaining and 100% authentic. The music is evocative, fun and perfect. You don’t need to be a race fan to enjoy this show.”

 – Mark Ethridge, publisher, journalist, promoter, entrepreneur

“Heaven on Wheels is a wonderful, down-home musical that leaves you laughing — and at times with a tear in your eye. It’s a heart-warming, truthful glimpse into stock car racing’s early years that leaves you wanting more.”

 – Deb Williams, veteran NASCAR and freelance journalist

“Heaven On Wheels is absolutely delightful. I haven’t laughed that much in quite a while. What a talented group of actors and musicians you have assembled. You should be playing to sold-out houses. It’s so authentic.”

 – Suzanne Wise, curator, Appalachian State University Libraries Stock Car Racing Collection

“Heaven on Wheels touched me deeply with its poignant humor and authenticity. I laughed and I cried as I felt transported in time and emotions to a precious period of life with my Dad, NASCAR stockcar driver and entrepreneur, Curtis Turner.

The music is great and the entire cast is very creative and talented. I highly recommend Heaven on Wheels to all for a fun time and an authentic inner look into the flavor of the early days of NASCAR and the pioneers of stockcar racing!” – Margaret Sue Turner Wright, Curtis Turner’s Daughter

-”I was amazed, amused and thoroughly entertained by Heaven On Wheels. The history, comedy and music are all dead-on for accurate, funny and memorable entertainment. I’d recommend this show to anybody.”

 – Leonard Wood of the famous Wood Brothers #21 NASCAR team


In May 2011, Heaven On Wheels was nominated for Best Original Play and Best Theater Event for Charlotte in 2010 by Perry Tannenbaum, theater Critic for Creative Loafing Newspaper.

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Rutlege Wood Joins the Cast of Heaven on Wheels 2010



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